Real Time

BIOE (Basic input Output Elements) 
The Basic Input Output Elements (BIOE) system bridges the gulf between the Open-Source CACSD Systems like Scilab and the real plant. It consists of low-cost components and a simple design but provides a flexible interface by programmable IO modules.

The new Version 1.3 allows one to implement a control law in C, simulate it in SCICOS, and then use the same file to implement it on a BIOE module.

BIOE consists of a easy-to-use do-it-yourself hardware with a simple design and a bundle of software components. The microcontroller based elements provide a flexible interface to operate with digital and analog signals, incremental encoders, PWM signals, PPM signals for RC servos, I2C and SPI interfaces, etc. These elements are interconnected with a parallel bus to the parallel printer port (LPT) of a PC as illustrated at the right.