What is VMAP?
VMAP is a comprehensive software tool for vibration testing on real-world engineering systems that seamlessly connects virtual simulation and physical testing.


  • Addresses the needs of both beginners and expert users.
  • Calculates damping, resonant frequencies, MAC (Modal Assurance criteria) and other parameters with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Programming interface to develop curve fitting algorithms, update finite element simulation models with the damping estimates obtained from VMAP and analyze the updated simulation models.
  • Identify the failure modes in prototypes quickly and reduce product development cycles.
  • VMAP is available as a plug-in within HyperMesh.

Download VMAP

What is Scilab?

Scilab is free open source software with a GPL compatible license, developed by the Scilab Consortium.The Scilab Consortium encourages its team to contribute to third party projects which are used in Scilab. This is regularly done in different ways by:

• reporting bugs
• providing patches
• providing feedback

Download SCILAB