Scilab GUI

GUI Builder
GUI Builder is a Graphic User Interface Builder under Scilab.

The program allows you to build your GUI quickly, and the code for the gui would be generated automatically.

Changes of size, position, and object deletion could be done interactively

Guimaker is a command line tool for creating graphical user interfaces (GUI) in Scilab.

The GUIs are based on the available uicontrol objects in Scilab.

Guimaker can be used either for generating GUIs within programs, or it can be used for creating Scilab source code which serve as a starting point for more advanced programming of GUIs.

ADS_CoLiSyS is the GUI for the analysis, design, simulation and control of continuous and discrete time linear systems.

It can be used to perform system analysis in frequency domain (Bode, Nyquist plots), study the response of dynamic systems to various inputs such as step, pulse, square wave, random signal, and sinusoidal signals. This tool can be used to design lead and lag compensators, tune PID controllers.