Aerospace Tools


CelestLab is a library of space flight dynamics functions written in Scilab. This library has been developed and is maintained by CNES (Centre Nationald’Etudes Spatiales) for mission analysis purposes. The library is used by CNES for the trajectory analysis and orbit design of various missions. CelestLab gathers in ten modules about 200 functions that allow mission designers to perform various tasks such as: orbit propagation, attitude computation, elementary manoeuvre computation, change of reference frames, change of coordinates, three body orbit analysis. CelestLab has been validated against the CNES flight dynamics reference software. Selected examples from mission analysis typical studies are provided in the CelestLab help pages.

Aerospace Toolbox 

The goal of this toolbox is to provide functions/blocks for aerospace engineering.

Currently the toolbox can:
1. Send control packets to flight gear.
2. Receive flight dynamic model packets from flightgear..