NVH Consulting

Combining VMAP with our experience in finite element analysis, we work with customers to solve vibration problems.We provide support on modal testing and fea-test correlation.

Mechanical Design
What we offer?

1. Concept development
2. Detailed analysis (FEA)
3 .Drawings
4. Bill of materials
5. Design for manufacturing and assembly

We use CAD and analysis tools to take a concept to prototype. Various areas where our mechanical design engineers can assist you include.

1. New product design
2. Test equipment development
3. Automation systems

Control System
What we offer?

1. Modeling Dynamic Systems
2. Controller development
3. Programming (C++, Labview)
4. Deployment
5. Pre-designed software libraries

You can leverage our experience in sensing and control by engaging our team to develop custom software solutions for your test and automation needs. Typical applications include

1. Data acquisition software development
2. Servo hydraulics and servo pneumatics
3. Model based controller deployment